Change: Not To Be Dreaded

Taking small, but consistent steps in this hectic world, to make positive  changes in our  lives lets us know without a doubt, all change is not bad.

All of us have experienced sudden changes which at times can be devastating. With the sudden death of my husband,  I thought that overwhelming feeling of despair would not end. I’m sure you have experienced a change you did not see coming. Death of a  family member, loss of job, divorce.

Even these devastating changes eventually ease and we develop in ways we never thought we could. I’ve learned from this that change is not to be dreaded, but faced head on. That is especially the case with the ones we initiate, the ones that we know will make us better, healthier

Let’s make changes little by little to empower ourselves and inspire those around us.

Remaining Uplifted and Focused-Through Exercise

In this hectic world, where it seems not enough time for anything,  it is our desire to Empower Women to love themselves first unconditionally and thereby enabling them to love others with the same completeness.

Many women have careers and families which is a marvelous blessing! It is also quite time consuming.  These women do  an excellent job taking care of these blessings. At times however, they leave themselves out, just because they feel its not enough time for self. We want them to see there is time for self. And when she takes care of herself she has the strength and stamina to take care of others!

According to Google one place such stamina can be found is through exercise. It mentioned that with even minimal exercise we can gain benefits such as;  a boost in energy, improvement in memory and better sleep. These benefits will help us not only take care of self, but family as well. Joshua Becker of the  website suggests 7 minimalist work outs to kick start your fitness. Of the 7 you choose the one that is best for you.

1.The 4 Minute Workout

2.The Scientific 7 Minute Workout

3.Couch to 5 k 20-30 Minutes 3 times a week

4.Exercise Bliss

5. Beginner Body Weight Workout

6. Geek to Freak

7. 10-Minute Yoga

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Our lives as women are for the most part extremely busy! Exercise though even minimal, helps us to navigate through our busy lives and keeps us uplifted and empowered and living our best life!